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Please bare with me as I revamp my entire web site. I am now targeting NANO technology and their products. Along with this I will be offering Nitrous accessories, for NANO and some select N2O kits.

The way it will work is this, the current sections listed on the left will be the main information section on each and every product. After the description there will be a Order here: click tab. This brings you to the store directly where you can choose what items you may want to purchase. This tab/link in no way locks you into buying something.then at the top will be an "RNS Web Store" button for direct store buying. 

Check out the NANO/N2O Accessories tab and you can get an idea of how it will work. Of course all my write-ups and How-Tos will remain, and I do have many more just waiting for the time to get them fine tuned and up on the site. Thanks for your support. It really means a lot to me when someone says a write-up helped them somehow. 

Anyone whom joins my site (see the log-in register here tab at left) will be entitled to a company $50.00 instant at time of purchase, rebate coupon. It's that simple, however, it is applicable to only NANO kits. Details at bottom of page. The Forum will be reopened also, mostly this will be used for NANO technology questions, and general N2O questions only.

Thanks Robert

I support:  http://NitrousForum.com/  and  http://Corvetteforum.com  To contact me use:  weaver.robert@comcast.net

Please check out the entire site as there are some very informative write-ups and how-tos. My goal here is personalized service, a one on one.  Integrity of some N2O vendors is bad, very bad. Buyers beware, as I worked for one vendor whom was less than totally honest. I do have have over 30-years nitrous and drag racing experience, and have actively worked as a master mechanic daily for 40 plus years. Again, beware of the Internet Nitrous Salesmen, whom may do that good, but really have no mechanical knowledge or training related in anyway to the Nitrous game or auto mechanics.

Here is a very wise quote:

"For you who believe all you read, I caution you - you are daily being brainwashed for profit by extremely effective psychology with very little regard to factual accuracy. In short, you're at the mercy of the world's greatest bullshit artists with the morals of a stray tomcat."
- Smokey Yunick

Some know of my passion for nitrous, and in particular, the Dry-Hit on the LSx/EFI platform. I will be doing write-ups on Dry Direct Port set-up and tuning, Interface Set-Up, MicroEdge programing, reading plugs, timing pull, fuel system upgrades and so on. Free to all, and I do welcome additional information and any corrections or updates. Check back often.

One other thing I plan on doing is a wet vs dry type write-up based entirely upon facts. What brought this up was seeing a current wet vs dry, and it was so biased and dated, and of course left out all the cutting edge products that have revolutionized the dry hits. I am no wet hater by any means, I just want guys making their choice, wet or dry, based upon correct up to date information, not old wives tales. Also, The DP Dry does in fact run closer EGTs and per cylinder A/F ratios compared to the wet DP, and this is after both are flowed...

Here is my current project, a "Direct Port Dry" Stage 1, street/strip system using the Stock PCM/ECM, and a Edelbrock Victor Jr single plane and custom elbow. The 2nd and 3rd stages are dry and run via the Sudden Impact dry Plate. The "Parallel Fuel System" is covered in the fuel system section; we are also using the new controller the Interface for fueling and timing pull; as well as the MicroEdge, a very advanced WS, and a dual stage controller and a A/F shut down, gear lock out, TPS SW, delay timer and progressive.

The Interface allows A/F tuning for dry hits after the MAF, as well as conventional before the MAF dry style kits. The A/F ratio can be adjusted in increments of 5hp leaner or richer, no other kit or controller can do this. No wet kit can dial in the A/F this close. Also, it allows automatic timing pull, both with out internal PCM tuning, nor the need for a laptop and tuner program (advanced mode requires PC). It will work on wet hits also, for fine tuning, even the DP wet hits. One year ago, trying to run a Direct Port Dry hit and stock ECM was unheard of, now it's a cake walk. Watch for this style of N2O to take off, considering the ease of set-up, the simplicity of tuning and the biggest factor, the inherent safety factor that only the Dry tech can supply. Technology is our friend; even though some vendors do not understand, and try to dissuade using modern technology, the dry high-tech is here to stay.

Here's the command center. My tuning write ups, as well as the products I tout, have been tested and retested many times. HP Tuner on HP laptop, LM1 Wide-Band, N2O control panel, fuel and nitrous pressure gauges, Laptrax, Interface and more are used for the tuning/testing. Test sessions are either ¼ mile runs or Dynamometer. The test car, a Z06, saw somewhere between 250/300 ¼ mile passes and numerous dyno pulls before bending a rod and breaking a ring land. This was at 685rwtq with a 100% stock long-block LS6. Numerous style kits were tested, and so much was learned; the LS6 is a brute and Chevrolet got it right for sure; however, they never dreamed that it would get brutalized as a test mule. All is well now, a new 408 resides where the mighty LS6 once lived, and it's latest companion is the Direct Port Dry as the 1st stage, and 2nd and 3rd stages of dry are from an HSW Plate. 


The Dry Technology Takes the Dyno Trophy  

Chris Stewart with the bigger, Turbo Trophy, and myself with the Nitrous Trophy. It was all Corvettes that day. Chris on the left, Robert on the right. Three years in a row for the Dry Technology, and two years for the turbos-TTiX.


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